I’m an independent professional, and i provide various types of services related to the Information and Communication Technologies. Welcome to my website.

Of the many things i can do for you, i highlight the following:
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Websites, Blogs and eCommerce


Nowadays, everything and everyone is on the Internet.

If you own a business and don’t have a website yet, know that you’re wasting an easy and inexpensive way of promoting your company or selling your products; if you’d just like to have a place where you can show yourself to the world and share ideas with others, a webpage is exactly what you need; and if you already have an website, i’ll help you get the most from it. Whatever your case is, i’ll find the most suitable solution for your needs and possibilities.

Computer Networks

Computer Networks

A network allows you to make better use of all the devices you have, by sharing the Internet, data and resources between them. Printers, laptops, tablets, media centres, smartphones… all of these and more can be interconnected.

Why use portable drives to carry files, when you can send or retrieve then instantly? Share files, print your documents from any computer, browse the web wherever you want… with my help, you can take full advantage of your computer hardware.

IT Support


Either from regular usage or occasional misuse, all computers eventually need specialised intervention. When that time comes, you really shouldn’t delay, because something that can easily be solved often turns into a catastrophe, as hardware fails or data gets lost. Overheating, malware, software misconfiguration… given time, all of these can render your computer inoperable, or worse.

Whether your personal laptop needs a repair or your company’s computers require maintenance, my knowledge and experience are at your disposal.

Commitment, Accuracy, Quality


Your success is my success. If i can’t do it right and/or on time, that will be the first thing i’ll tell you; but, if i do take your job, i’ll do everything within my reach to meet your deadline and specifications.

I’m a perfectionist and i take pride in my work, so you can always count on my best. My experience will help me understand what you want, even if you don’t know it yourself or can’t put it to words – but if you do know what you want, that same experience will allow me to give you what you need, not just what you ask for.

In the end, all that matters to me is making your investment worthwhile, so that both of us can profit from it.

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